5 Ways to Optimize Your Job Posts

The Northland job market is very tight right now — there are far more jobs available than there are candidates seeking work in our region. This was the case before the pandemic workforce shortages and the trend isn’t likely to reverse anytime soon. 

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This means that if you’re an employer and you’re having a hard time making hires, you probably need to adopt measures to attract talent in this tight labor market. 

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to optimize your job posts in order to attract candidates. Here are a handful of tips: 

1. Job title — Keep it simple. Use something clear and concise. The goal is to be attention-grabbing without coming across as “click-baity” or trying to stuff too much information into the title. Save the details for the rest of the job post.

2. Experience requirement — Only ask for what’s absolutely necessary. The more experience you require, the smaller the talent pool you have to draw from.

3. Pay rate — We highly recommend you include this. Candidates are far more likely to apply to jobs that list a wage than those that don’t. Being transparent about the numbers also avoids pay disparity and discrimination issues.

4. Job description — Without overwhelming candidates with too much detail, list the essentials and give just enough information so they have a sense of whether the job might be a good fit for them. Use bullet point lists and separate longer descriptions into sections to keep it scannable and easy to read.

5. Location type — Candidates are increasingly seeking flex work — whether that means fully remote roles or gigs that at least involve some form of flexibility. So if you can offer options for remote or hybrid work, you definitely should.

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