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Success Spotlight: Stephany Medina, Essentia Health

Posted by Administrator on December 2, 2018

Graduate of the Mentor Connection class of ’18, Stephany Medina, went straight from her mentorship to an internship at Essentia Health in Duluth, MN. “I was actually planning on moving down towards the Twin Cities and looking for a job there,” says Stephany. But when her mentorship concluded, her mentor Emily Anderson, Community Health Program Manager […]

Success Spotlight: Katie Johanson, MPR

Posted by Administrator on September 29, 2017

Member and Audience Service Representative for Minnesota Public Radio Katie Johanson was hired on at MPR’s Duluth office in September of 2015. “Before I was in the position I am now, I was working two part-time jobs and it was financially unrealistic for me to stay in Duluth,” explained Katie. “On my own, I was […]

Success Spotlight: Krissy Johnson

Posted by Administrator on September 3, 2017

Meet Krissy Johnson, NORTHFORCE’s new Young Professional & Development Consultant! With a background in Equine Science and Youth Ministry, Krissy is a truly dynamic member of the North By Choice ranks. She now joins the NORTHFORCE team to take the helm with our Mentor Connection program, regional internship coordination, and more. “I am thrilled with […]

Spotlight on Success: Haley Carr, GDC

Posted by Administrator on January 17, 2022

Marketing & Special Events Coordinator, Greater Downtown Council Here’s a quick Q&A with Haley Carr, the new marketing and special events coordinator with Greater Downtown Council in Duluth, MN: Congratulations on the new gig! How did you connect with GDC? NORTHFORCE’s job post for the marketing and special events coordinator position with the Greater Downtown […]

Spotlight on Success: Ellefson Off Highway

Posted by Administrator on January 10, 2020

In the middle of last year, Northland employer Ellefson Off Highway was on the hunt for the perfect new team member. “We had been looking for the right person to fill a mechanic position and just hadn’t had any luck,” shared Elizabeth Draskovich, Ellefson Off Highway business manager. In summer of 2019, NORTHFORCE’s Greater Northeast Minnesota […]

Spotlight on Success: Anna Wald, Mesabi Range College

Posted by Administrator on November 29, 2019

Mesabi Range Welding Instructor Anna Wald turned to NORTHFORCE for personalized job leads during her Iron Range career search. “Until I found NORTHFORCE through the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency at the Career Center in Virginia, Minnesota, I was getting no responses from MnWorks or Indeed,” shares Anna. “Once I was on the NORTHFORCE site I […]

Spotlight on Success: Katie Moen, Heirloom Property Management

Posted by Administrator on May 28, 2019

Three questions with Katie Moen, a member of the Mentor Connection Class of 2019 who graduated straight into a position with Heirloom Property Management of Duluth. Question 1: What’s the scoop and how is the gig going so far? I’m currently working at Heirloom Property Management as an Administrative Assistant. I started the position in […]

Spotlight on Success: Michael Latterell & Duluth’s Hartley Nature Center

Posted by Administrator on March 12, 2019

Three questions with Michael Latterell, who was hired through NORTHFORCE at Hartley Nature Center. Question 1: What’s the scoop and how is the gig going so far? I was hired by Hartley Nature Center in December to manage their accounts. It’s going really well and I love the position. I’m able to work with a great […]

Spotlight on Success: Spring Hill Farm in Duluth, MN

Posted by Administrator on February 16, 2019

Siri Boyd would never have thought to seek out her new gig at Spring Hill Farm, but the moment she saw the job post, she knew it was right. The Duluth-based full service equestrian facility hired on Siri as a stable hand through NORTHFORCE in late summer of 2018. “This job is the most important […]

Spotlight on Success: Allison Ohms, Mentor

Posted by Administrator on December 3, 2017

Sales Consultant with Compudyne Allison Ohms has volunteered her time and professional expertise as a mentor both in 2016 and for this program year of Mentor Connection. “This program was a HUGE success for me last year and I would be honored to be a mentor again this year,” said Allison at the end of last […]

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