Review the Applicants that have Applied via Email/NORTHFORCE

Did you know you can track all your applications through our system? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to review them!

Before you can review your applicants. You’ll need to be logged in. You can do that at

  • Click on My Organization at the top of the page.
  • If your job is still active, you’ll see the position(s) stacked in the Active Job Openings Table with the Position Name, Location, Active Status, Number of Views & Number of Applicants
  • >>NOTE: Candidates will only apply via NORTHFORCE if you select via email or via NORTHFORCE as an application method. We cannot track applicants that go directly to your site or if you encourage them to email you directly. 
  • If the job opening is not active, you can go to View All Openings and then proceed.
  • Select the Job Opening Name that you’d like to review the applicants for.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the current applicants
  • Click on View
  • Here you will see their email body & have the ability to download any attachments they included.

Best Practices:

Email candidates that have applied as soon as possible to let them know you have received their information.

Provide them with a timeline of when they can expect follow up/next steps regarding the hiring process. The worst thing you can do is leave them in the dark.

If they are not going to be selected for the job/interview, notify them quickly so they can continue their job search process.

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