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Spring Cleaning for Your Profile!

Posted by Administrator on May 3, 2021

If you haven’t checked in recently, it’s a good idea to login and make sure your profile is up to date. Pay special attention to the following pieces of info:  The type of jobs you’re looking for: Do you have a background in engineering but want to go into graphic design? It might not be that […]

Online Events for Northland Jobseekers

Posted by Administrator on August 30, 2020

The job search process is going online in the Northland! NORTHFORCE has partnered with CareerForce to coordinate virtual career fairs. If it weren’t for the pandemic, we’d be gearing up for Fall 2020 Job Fair Season. Instead of meeting at our normal locations like the Miners Memorial Building in Virginia, the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, […]

Identify & Rely on Your Transferable Skills

Posted by Administrator on July 10, 2020

Looking to shift gears in your career? Maybe you’re eying a new industry where you don’t have experience, and wondering whether it can possibly work. Good news: it probably can! To find out, focus on your transferable skills: abilities and knowledge that you can carry from one job to another. While you will inevitably leave […]

How Auto Job Notifications Work

Posted by Administrator on May 9, 2018

Sign up for auto job notifications to get instant alerts on Northland career openings in your area of interest. One of the best parts about registering on NORTHFORCE is it allows you to receive auto job notifications the instant an employer posts a job that matches your skills and interests.  You’ll receive notifications for jobs […]

How to Join the Resumes Database

Posted by Administrator on May 9, 2018

A great way to supercharge your job hunt is to join the region’s resume database. Here’s how it works. Our resumes database contains resumes for many of the 4,000+ candidates registered on NORTHFORCE. Employers registered on NORTHFORCE can search the resumes database and pinpoint resumes that match their job requirements based on criteria like candidate […]

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