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Get Ready for Summer Jobs & Internships

Posted by Administrator on March 2, 2020

Looking forward to summer in the Northland? Are you hoping to land a summer internship or seasonal position, this year? Start looking now! The next couple of months are your window of opportunity to connect with employers that coordinate summer internship programs. Many organizations will also fill temporary and part-time positions in this timeframe. Where […]

Spring 2020 Job Fair Season

Posted by Administrator on February 8, 2020

Job Fair Season is just around the corner! The following events have already been announced: February 25: Duluth Construction Career Night March 5: Head of the Lakes Job & Internship Fair April 3: Iron Range Job Fair Keep an eye on our Events Page for more career and internship fairs as they are announced for this spring! Job fairs are […]

Northland Employment Resource: 218Trades

Posted by Administrator on January 18, 2020

Local website contains information and resources on apprenticeships and careers in the trades specific to Northeast Minnesota, from bricklaying and carpentry to plumbing, roofing, and many other skill sets. These and more trades are in extremely high demand right now throughout the Iron Range area and along the North Shore of Lake Superior. For […]

Employment Trends to Watch in the New Decade

Posted by Administrator on December 29, 2019

The 2020s are almost upon us! Macro and micro employment trends are transforming the workforce landscape, and that’s nothing new. But what will employment look like ten years from now? It might actually be a more difficult question to answer than ever before. Here’s a peek at the three biggest trends that experts think will […]

New Career Goals for the New Decade

Posted by Administrator on December 28, 2019

With the dawn of a new decade, the time is ripe to think about big picture career goals. We’re talking work and money resolutions for not just the year ahead, but the next ten years!  It can seem intimidating, but try framing your long-term career goals with these questions: How much money are you making? […]

Five Ways to Future-Proof Your Career

Posted by Administrator on July 24, 2019

Based on the jobs outlook for the next decade, the only certainty is uncertainty. In a July 11 article, Minnesota Public Radio reported on the results of a new McKinsey Global Institute study that explores how the role of automation (robots, chatbots, AI, etc.) might change the workforce landscape in the next decade. The team […]

Put Yourself Out There This Summer

Posted by Administrator on June 2, 2019

Yes, by all means explore the incredible Great Outdoors that NE MN and NW WI have to offer — but also, put yourself out there in a social context! Summer is prime networking time. Here are three things you can do NOW to make Summer 2019 your best networking season yet in the Northland: Keep […]

Finding Your Passion in the Northland

Posted by Administrator on January 28, 2019

Whether you’re seeking a job or a career, there’s an opportunity for you in this region. One of the upsides about the continuing tight job market is that if you don’t like your job, it’s easier than ever to find one that you will love. But for many of us, the difficulty of finding a […]

A Four Point Plan for Employee Retention in 2019

Posted by Administrator on January 9, 2019

For a second year running, the biggest challenge facing employers is how to keep employees from leaving. Report after report including the recent 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study confirms that employee engagement and retention will be the most pressing HR struggle of 2019. Recruiting software company Jobvite interviewed 1,500 U.S. workers about their attitudes toward future […]

New Year, New Career?

Posted by Administrator on December 26, 2018

What’s your work resolution for 2019? To love your job? To get a new gig that allows you to live closer to family? Maybe you just want a raise and even have a specific figure in mind. Does your NF profile reflect what you want out of your career this year? Click HERE to make updates for […]

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