Four Reasons to Revel in the December Job Hunt

The last month of the year is actually a great time to find a new job.

  • Reason #1: The job market slows down. Between the frenzy of the holiday season and wrapping up the end of the year, fewer people are looking for work and even fewer applicants are actively sending out their resumes. That means less competition!
  • Reason #2: Many businesses get their new annual budgets finalized around this time — including hiring budgets. Too often, applicants hear back from an employer who says, “Sorry, we’d like to hire you, but we don’t have the budget for it, this year.” Decrease your odds of hearing that disappointing response by applying now.
  • Reason #3: Lots of companies are in serious need of seasonal talent. Many of these positions are temporary and will only last through the busy holiday season. But you never know what can happen once you get your foot in the door! You could get offered an extension or even a permanent position. Or, you might just hear about another opportunity through the people you interact with, on the job. If nothing else, at the end of a seasonal gig, you’ll have a new item to add to your resume, along with new skills and experiences to go with it.
  • Reason #4: Think of holiday parties as bonus networking opportunities. The social scene kicks into hyperdrive at year’s end. Keep your ears open for seasonal happenings, and bring a bunch of business cards to every event you can attend. Give your trusty elevator pitch a good polish and strike up as many conversations as you can! Even in this digital age, face-to-face networking is still the number one way to land a job.

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