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Keep an eye on our events page for area networking opportunities, and visit our blog for more insights and resources. Find answers to FAQs here, or send us a message!

You can also direct candidates from outside the region to BeNorth.org for info and resources to assist with relocating and getting to know the area.

Put some “OOMPH!” behind your post

Harness NORTHFORCE’s social media networks with targeted ads that boost your post on Facebook and Instagram. We can put some serious and customizable muscle behind your post — learn more here.

Resume database

One of the main perks of being a registered employer is that you can gain access to the NORTHFORCE Resume Database. Browse the resumes of registered candidates who want to live and work in our area and have opted to share their info. Filter your search by candidate level of experience, area of expertise, and other criteria. Learn more here.

Workforce grants

A wide variety of workforce grants are available for Northland employers to assist in the hiring and training process. Grants are also available for earn-as-you-learn dual training, apprenticeships, and other certifications. In some cases, the application process can be as simple as a two-page form. Find a directory for the major workforce grants and training programs to be aware of within our region here.

Employee retention strategy

If you do hiring in this region, you know it can be difficult to convince employees to stick around through our sometimes challenging Northland weather. A fail-proof employment retention strategy is a must. Here are a few resources:

You can also reach out to us for guidance, data, and intel tailored to our region and your business.

Looking for other resources? Our team is here to point you in the right direction and help you connect with candidates.

Posting Best Practices

Get started on the right foot with your soon-to-be new colleague.

A well-crafted post can make all the difference when it comes to attracting candidates who will be a perfect fit for your organization. To drastically reduce your chances of setting up unnecessary interviews, follow these simple guidelines on what posts must include, what job posts should include, and what sets a great post apart from all the rest.

Job posts must include:

  • Basic employer information
  • General job duties
  • Skills needed
  • Educational and experiential requirements
  • Scope of work, including whether the job is full-time or part-time

Job posts should include:

  • A little about your company culture
  • Benefits (not just that you offer them — give some details)
  • Specifics on position structure
  • Who to contact with questions. Help jobseekers out and give them the name of a specific person to contact, not just a generic HR@company address. 

What goes into a great job post?

  • Position Description. What’s this job all about, basically? Keep it simple and brief.
  • Company and Mission. In a single sentence, how does this position relate to the mission of the company?
  • Essential Functions. These are legal requirements that apply to some jobs.
  • Required Education/Experience. Do they really need a certain degree? Only include what’s absolutely necessary.
  • Preferred Qualifications. Maybe that MBA isn’t required, but it’s a plus. Put it here!
  • Salary and Benefits.
    • We strongly encourage employers to include a salary range. Recent findings from SHRM and Glassdoor indicate that salary is the most important part of a job post: over 70% of professionals want to hear about salary right away, and 59% of candidates cite salary as the leading factor during a job search. 
    • Be sure to add as many specifics as possible about other benefits — number of paid holidays, insurance, 401K and match, etc. 
  • Call to Action. Two words: “Apply Now.” But also try to include contact info for a specific person on your team. This adds a human component and will help keep the hiring process organized.

The bottom line? Keep it succinct. Just as an employer doesn’t want to read a five-page resume, jobseekers don’t want to read a 15,000-word job post. Save that for the complete job description. And remember, the way that a company handles the application process says a lot about how they will treat people if they become employees. Set the right tone with a solid job post.

We can help you craft the perfect post and attract the talent you deserve

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