Employment Trends to Watch in the New Decade

The 2020s are almost upon us! Macro and micro employment trends are transforming the workforce landscape, and that’s nothing new. But what will employment look like ten years from now? It might actually be a more difficult question to answer than ever before. Here’s a peek at the three biggest trends that experts think will reshape work as we know it in the decade ahead:

  • Millennials will increasingly dominate the workforce. In 2019, 73 million Millennials passed up the 72 million Baby Boomers currently working.

  • The rise of remote work will continue. With plenty of jobs to choose from in the tight labor market, Millennial workers are picking positions that allow them to work where they want and when they want. Technological advances such as Slack and Google Hangouts are allowing them to do that.

  • The gig economy will grow. Over 40% of Americans report having some type of side hustle, whether selling crafts on Etsy or making a living with multiple freelance jobs.

For further reading, check out these three articles:

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for the 2020s!

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