Five Innovative Ways to Connect with Candidates

The pandemic has changed a lot, including the way organizations connect with the right employees. Here are five out-of-the-box methods to try in order to find the perfect new member for your team:

1. Networking Events. Yes, networking events REALLY ARE happening right now! In some cases, people are finding safe ways to socialize in real life. There are also a lot of virtual events popping up in place of traditional meetings that can’t resume due to COVID-19. Host your own session or check out our events page to see what’s going on around the region.

2. Social Media. No two ways around it: work is going online like never before. Keep the careers page on your website updated and coordinate with posts on social media. Pro tip: in each post, include fun and engaging hashtags that relate both to your job requirements AND people’s passions. Also — share the link to your updated careers page with us and we can include a banner ad in the Jobs Digest section of our bi-monthly candidate newsletter, The Networker.

3. Word of Mouth. So this might not exactly qualify as “innovative,” but sometimes the most obvious solution is the easiest to overlook. If you’re seeking to fill a specific role at your company, challenge yourself to bring it up in every conversation. Another option? Set up a system for employee referrals. Just be sure to offer a reasonable incentive and find a nice way to thank any employee who successfully brings in a lead that results in a new onboard.

4. Quality of Place. It’s no secret: we live in a beautiful, beautiful place. Tons of people would do just about anything to be able to work here. Don’t hold back from touting the Northland and the incredible quality of life we enjoy, which basically adds up to a benefits package all its own. Check out this Ultimate #NorthByChoice Guide to the Great Outdoors for inspiration on how to leverage our region during your hiring process.

5. Local Talent Pool. Wouldn’t it be great if our community had a curated, fully-searchable database of talented candidates? Oh, that’s right — we do!! You can dive into the NORTHFORCE Talent Pool and pinpoint candidates based on factors such as experience level, areas of expertise, expected wages, and more. Or, contact our team and we can find them for you!

Connect with candidates who want to live and work right here in the Northland! Access Talent.

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