Get Involved

Join a board of directors. Run for public office. Sit on a commission. Donate. Volunteer.

At NORTHFORCE, we’re learning about more and more non-career related opportunities all the time. If you tell us what you’re interested in, we’ll let you know when we know. But you don’t have to wait.

Find what you are passionate about and contribute your talents. Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Consider Cyclists of the Gitchee Gumee Shores or the Superior Hiking Trail Association. Identify what moves you and seek out the opportunities now.

Whether you’re new here or have lived here your entire life, being involved in the community will broaden your horizons and expand your network.


Some of our favorite local organizations include:





For more ideas, check out the Head of the Lakes United Way and United Way of NE MN or reach out to us directly.

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