Identify & Rely on Your Transferable Skills

Looking to shift gears in your career? Maybe you’re eying a new industry where you don’t have experience, and wondering whether it can possibly work. Good news: it probably can!

To find out, focus on your transferable skills: abilities and knowledge that you can carry from one job to another. While you will inevitably leave behind a lot of specific knowledge with your old job, you can also walk away with a wealth of talents and experiences you can apply to your next role.

This helpful article from Mac’s List contains good pointers on how to identify your transferable skills in six key areas:

  • Basic Skills — like carrying out written instructions, time management, and communicating with team members
  • People Skills — such as interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and building office culture
  • Management Skills — overseeing workers and processes, training new employees, setting schedules, etc.
  • Clerical Skills — like time management, multitasking, organizing, and using filing systems
  • Research and Planning — like prioritizing tasks and organizing events or schedules
  • Computer and Technical — this can be anything from typing proficiency to fluency in a coding language like Python or Java

In the same article, you’ll find more information on switching careers and reframing your skill set to align with the job you want. Here are a couple other great resources:

  • This article from The Job Network shows how to highlight your transferable skills in your resume and cover letter.
  • Four Tips for Career Changers: this post covers a few considerations to keep in mind as you move toward the next stage in your career.

Ready to put those transferable skills to use? Browse current openings across the Northland here.

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