Job Fair Preparation 101

Hires happen at job fairs — but preparation is key.

“Ninety percent of success is showing up,” as the old line goes, but that other twenty percent can make or break the deal — especially when it comes to a job fair. Same goes for any type of networking expo, like career or internship fairs.

On-the-spot interviews happen all the time at these events. Here are a few things to do beforehand to help ensure your next career fair will be a success:

  • Research ahead of time to see which employers will be there. Single out the ones you’re interested in working with and scope them out online. Check their careers page to see if they have openings for someone with your specialty. If they do, figure out what makes you a great match for the job. Write down talking points or keep them in mind for when you get the chance to chat with the employer representative at the job fair.
  • If you want to work with an employer, but they don’t have any current openings that look like a good fit for you, don’t let that stop you! Their website might not be updated, for one thing, and there might be other ways you can help out. Take a look around their site and brainstorm how you could fit in.
  • Be ready with a Four Part Pitch for each employer rep you want to meet with at the fair. Include the following talking points:
    • Specific details about the company
    • Why you’re drawn to the company
    • How you can help the company
    • End with your elevator pitch

With this, you’ll be prepared to make a great first impression that could open the door to an interview — or best case scenario, lead straight to a job!

Watch our events page for job fairs and other regional networking opportunities!

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