Mentor Connection Spotlight: Pursue Your Passion in the Northland

Two Program Alums Share Their Mentor Connection Experience.

Graduate of the Mentor Connection class of ’18 Stephany Medina went straight from her mentorship to an internship at Essentia Health in Duluth.

“I was actually planning on moving down towards the Twin Cities and looking for a job there,” shared Stephany.

But when her mentorship concluded, her mentor Emily Anderson, Community Health Director at Essentia Health, offered Stephany an internship to assist with the Community Health Needs Assessment.

“My mentor and I clicked well,” said Stephany. “Emily was able to connect me with so many people.”

In February 2019, Stephany accepted a position with the St. Louis Public Health Department.

“Mentor Connection is a unique program to get new college grads connected to local opportunities and keep them in the Twin Ports area,” said Emily, adding: “For me, it was a way to develop more of a connection with the colleges. Since Stephany, I’ve had more interns from UMD. I am trying to routinely create internships in my department for students who have an interest in getting practical experience in community health.”

Emily learned about Mentor Connection through Essentia Health’s HR department.

“I was brand-new to Duluth at that time and thought it would be a good way to get engaged in my community,” Emily said.

Over the last ten years, Emily had the opportunity to live in large cities, including Los Angeles and Atlanta, as well as two small rural communities.

“I have enjoyed certain aspects of each location and felt that Duluth offered a nice balance,” said Emily. “I appreciate the proximity to nature, and the friendly ‘small-town feel’ that I loved when I lived in rural communities. I also appreciate the restaurants, culture, and career opportunities that larger cities provide. Duluth is truly the best of both worlds!”

Emily made the move to the Twin Ports for one particular position at Essentia Health that aligned with her career goals:

“My specific career interest is around rural health disparities,” explained Emily. “Through Essentia Health’s rural service area, I believe that we are positioned to make a truly impactful difference in health outcomes in Northern Minnesota. I feel lucky to have found an organization that is working to improve health in so many rural communities.”

Looking for a mentorship experience like Emily and Stephany’s? Powered by NORTHFORCE, Mentor Connection is open to students of all majors and professionals in all fields. October 8 will kick off a fourth year of one-on-one mentorship in the Twin Ports. Together, mentor-mentee pairs will attend six events geared toward making career connections that will allow them to pursue their professional passions in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.

Learn more and sign up for the Mentor Connection Class of 2020 HERE!

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