New Career Goals for the New Decade

With the dawn of a new decade, the time is ripe to think about big picture career goals. We’re talking work and money resolutions for not just the year ahead, but the next ten years

It can seem intimidating, but try framing your long-term career goals with these questions:

How much money are you making? How much moolah do you want to make?

For perspective, check out the latest eye-opening stats from MIT’s Living Wage Calculator, which estimate that a family of four would need a living wage before taxes of at least $66,742 in Wisconsin and a comparable $68,948 in Minnesota on average.

Not making as much as you’d like? Negotiation can get you closer to your goal. Check out these Five Tips For Negotiating A Better Wage and start your decade out on the right foot!

Know how much you want to make in 2020? Let employers know! Set your Desired Minimum Wage on your profile.

What field are you in? What field do you want to be in?

Maybe you’re looking to move up the ladder in your profession. Or possibly you want to switch to a completely different discipline. Either way, it’s good to be aware of the major job market trends expected to shape work as we know it in the 2020s. 

Here’s a great article from CareerMetis that covers emerging industries, evolving employer expectations, and more. A few takeaways at a glance: 

  • Although change is constant, some positions will stay in high demand, including teachers, engineers, architects, physicians, and skilled trades such as electricians, plumbers, and welders.
  • The tech sector is booming with increasing demand for workers in robotics, AI, software, programming, and coding, as well as specialized roles in data science, information security, and more fields.
  • The healthcare sector will continue to grow in order to support the aging Baby Boomer generation. This extends to related jobs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, healthcare administration, and more.
  • Jobs that demand creativity and human ingenuity are among the most insulated against change, including roles in design, specialized sales, and marketing.

What’s the one industry that you want to break into, or advance within? Set your Primary Industry Sector to receive job leads within your field of interest!

Does your profile reflect what you want for your career in the new year? Click HERE to make updates for 2020!

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for the 2020s!

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