New Training Program Assists Businesses with Worker Skills

A new program to help train and upgrade the skills of existing workers is assisting northeastern Minnesota businesses.

The Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training Talent Development Program (TDP) since October has been assisting area manufacturers, health care providers and other employers with skills training, said Heath Boe, Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training Rural Workforce coordinator.

“The response has been very positive,” said Boe. “The program has been well received, and employers are saying it helps make their business more robust, become more immune to downturns and helps retain employees.”

A variety of skills training is available through the program, including industry- or business-specific technical or computer skills, leadership or management, process efficiency, or new equipment.

Businesses that apply to the program must be located in Minnesota and meet eligibility guidelines. A maximum grant of $25,000 per employer is available for each grant year. Program funding is provided by the state of Minnesota.

A successful application will articulate how training funded through TDP benefits their business, such as creating advancement/backfill opportunities, adding new products, or reaching new markets, said Boe.

“We have a lot in the works,” said Boe. ”Three different companies are currently going through the approval process, and we have a lot of health care and manufacturers that are interested as well. We’re also looking at working with schools and non-profits to support professional development to enhance the workforce development system.”

For additional information or to apply contact Boe at 218-735-6174 or

This article originally appeared in the December 21, 2016 issue of The Ranger.

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