New Video: Network in the Northland

We got a cool shout out from Destination Duluth in a new video about how we network between employers and candidates in the Northland: 

“Whether you’re a big, small, or mid-size business, you get the same attention,” Twin Ports and NW WI Strategy and Development Consultant Cara Overland shares in the video. “Whether you need a line-level employee or a CEO, we can help you find those people.”

The video also covers our Student Connect program, which is ramping up for a second year starting this autumn: 

“Our partnership with NORTHFORCE has allowed us to be really intentional in supporting the students who want Duluth to be their home, or who want Duluth to be their next step, and need some help building those bridges and connections to employers,” Andrea Chartier, Career Counselor at The College of St. Scholastica, told Destination Duluth. 

“People come here on vacation and fall in love with it, and I’m here to help them move here if that’s what they want to do,” added Cara. 

Check out the new video to learn more about how we can help you network in the Northland!

Click here to learn more and reach out to our team for one-to-one networking services.

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