Northland Health Care Industry

If you would like to dedicate your career to supporting the health and wellness of our region, there are opportunities for you in health care — the largest industry in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.

Here’s a glance at a few stats:

Northeast Minnesota

Northwest Wisconsin 

If you’re considering a career in health care, you might think of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. In addition to these crucial institutions, this sector also spans a wide range of health support providers and specialty health service centers, including:

  • Assisted living
  • Residential care
  • Extended care
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospice homes
  • Birthing centers and midwife services
  • Physical rehabilitation and therapy
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Mental health support and therapy
  • Addiction treatment
  • Imaging and radiology centers
  • Holistic care
  • Chiropractic care
  • Health Insurance providers
  • Telehealth

Earning a median salary of $77,482 per year, registered nursing is the number one occupation in demand for this area, according to DEED’s Occupations in Demand rankings. Registered nursing is closely followed by high demand for personal care aides, nursing assistants, and home health aides.

Jobs are also available across specialties from HR professionals to IT specialists, finance experts, and more. Your skills and interests likely align with a health care career path.

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Northland Health Care Employers

Many employers provide health and wellness-related services and support. Here is a small sample of organizations actively hiring positions across a broad range of disciplines, from diagnostic specialists to culinary artists:

Education Pathways

Attending medical school and receiving a doctoral degree is one of many routes that can lead to a rewarding career. Other forms of accreditation include two-year technical degrees, four-year programs, and more types of certification.

The majority of these programs enjoy extremely high rates of job placement. You are virtually guaranteed a secure and high-paying job upon graduation. The following schools offer training for health care careers:

Depending on where you would like to conduct your studies, compare the programs provided by these schools to pinpoint the degree that is right for you.

To explore careers, plan your education, and find jobs in Minnesota, you can visit Minnesota State’s Healthcare Career Exploration site and check out this health care careers resource from CareerForce.

Discover the wide variety of health care careers in the Northland: browse current openings

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