Northland Unemployment Resources

“I got laid off — now what?”

More Americans than ever before are facing this question all at once, due to COVID-19.

If you’ve been laid off in northeast Minnesota or northwest Wisconsin, or are looking to find your next job in this region, here is a three-point #NorthbyChoice guide to navigating the process of applying for unemployment and seeking work in our area:

1. Press pause and evaluate.

Getting laid off is a stressful process that produces anxiety in you and those around you.

If you aren’t already, remind yourself often that this change has come about through no fault of your own, due to circumstances beyond your control. Though this thought isn’t going to help pay the bills, it can help bring some peace of mind and clarity that will aid in decision-making, going forward.

As far as possible, try to use this period of time to decompress, to evaluate your career, and to make sound choices about the direction you want to go in, now.

Maybe there is a strong likelihood that you’ll be able to return to your previous job soon. On the other hand, maybe you want to break into a completely different field. This is an opportunity to explore your options and try something new. Find out how your transferrable skills might translate to a new career here.

2. Apply for state benefits.

Minnesota Unemployment Insurance has developed a special set of instructions on how to apply for unemployment insurance at this time, and what to expect: Step by Step Guide to Completing the Unemployment Insurance Application During COVID-19.

The Unemployment Insurance Division of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development also has special instructions for applying for unemployment insurance: Wisconsin COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Application Instructions.

3. Consult local resources.

Check out these Northland Employment Resources for more options and career guidance. Local organizations like CareerForce in Minnesota, the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board, and the Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training can assist you with everything from making career decisions to marketing yourself effectively to negotiate a higher wage.

Last but not least, rest assured that NORTHFORCE is here for you! You can browse regional jobs on our site and filter your search by your area of expertise, level of experience, and more factors.

If you haven’t created a NORTHFORCE profile, sign up! It’s free and you will receive custom job matches for posts that match your interests, your salary preferences, and more criteria.

If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19, find resources specifically related to the pandemic here: COVID-19 Resources for Candidates

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