Online Events for Northland Jobseekers

The job search process is going online in the Northland! NORTHFORCE has partnered with CareerForce to coordinate virtual career fairs.

If it weren’t for the pandemic, we’d be gearing up for Fall 2020 Job Fair Season. Instead of meeting at our normal locations like the Miners Memorial Building in Virginia, the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, as well as colleges and universities around the region, we’ll look forward to seeing you online, instead!

Check out the lineup of future virtual career fairs taking place throughout Minnesota in the coming weeks and months at this link: CareerForce Virtual & Interactive Services for Career Seekers

Recordings are also available for events that have already taken place, including:

  • Healthcare Industry Virtual Fair
  • Tech Industry Virtual Fair
  • Manufacturing Industry Virtual Fair
  • Transportation Industry Virtual Fair

Find recordings of all past virtual events here.

Like in-person job fairs, these interactive online career fairs are one of the best opportunities to connect with employers from around the region and familiarize yourself with the hiring landscape in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.

These virtual events work a lot like in-person career fairs. Most events will give you a list of attending employers in advance, and feature breakout sessions where you’ll get the chance to interact with the companies that interest you. 

Preparation is key: check out this Job Fair Preparation 101 Guide to make the most of your experience. Virtual fairs are a little different, but most of these tips still hold true!

Keep an eye out for more virtual opportunities on our Events Page.

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