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The Northland stretches across northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. It’s a broad and complex place, but when we categorize jobs at northforce.org, we define four main areas: the Twin Ports, the Iron Range, the North Shore of Lake Superior, and Northwest Wisconsin. All four are distinguished by thick forests, pristine shorelines, and a diversity of industries. Here are some details on each.

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Twin Ports

Strategically situated at the very tip of Lake Superior are Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin — collectively called the Twin Ports. These two cities are the beating urban heart of the beautiful northwoods stretching south of the Canada border. Together they form a regional hub for industry and culture, combining a tight-knit business community with a vibrant arts scene, niche entertainment options, and ample outdoors recreation opportunities. In addition to sharing the number one volume port on the Great Lakes, Duluth and Superior also have many industries in common.

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Minnesota’s Iron Range

Grand Rapids (pictured above), Hibbing, Virginia, Hoyt Lakes, Ely — spanning from west to east, the Iron Range covers a vast inland tract of northeast Minnesota. Much economic activity here goes hand-in-hand with the environment, from timber and paper products to mining. It’s also a haven for outdoor recreation between the Superior National Forest, the Boundary Waters, and many other opportunities to explore nature. Major economic drivers include a bustling service industry and robust health care sector. High-paying jobs in manufacturing are also available alongside opportunities in education, retail, government, and more fields.

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The North Shore of Lake Superior

The North Shore is a top tourist destination thanks to the unpredictable but always dynamic Lake Superior. But for those who live and work here, it’s about more than clean air and fresh water. It’s also about the unparalleled quality of life. Are you looking for a remote gig that will allow you free range over one of the most picturesque places in the country? Or maybe you’re drawn to towns with a strong sense of community where you can take the next step in your career? No matter what field you’re in, the day-to-day can start to feel like a permanent vacation here. For some, that might mean heading down to the lake over lunch break. Or it might involve a trip into one of the vibrant cities that branch off from Highway 61 and the North Shore Scenic Highway.

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Northwest Wisconsin

Across the water, northwest Wisconsin stretches from the City of Superior at the very tip of the lake and wraps around the Apostle Islands to the Greater Chequamegon Bay area. In the east, Ashland is a hub for leaders in environmental education, niche manufacturers, and other unique employers. Nearby Bayfield (pictured above) is famous for the annual Apple Festival in autumn and astounding Ice Caves in the winter. Blending the serene and the spectacular, northwest Wisconsin as a whole is an ideal place to “get away from it all” and stay in touch with what you truly care about. Nurture a garden in the pastoral farmlands of Port Wing and Oulu. Cultivate your life’s work in the quaint village of Solon Springs. These are just two ideas!

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Consult BeNorth.org for relocation resources as well as a guide to community organizations, local entertainment, and more.  

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