Personal Branding

Unsurprisingly, the way we convey ourselves as professionals has changed dramatically in the Digital Age.

These days, a standalone paper resume might get you where you want to go — if you’re lucky. More likely, you’re going to need a fully rounded professional online profile. And just throwing together a rudimentary LinkedIn profile probably isn’t going to be enough. You’ll likely need a digitized resume, an online portfolio, a personal website, and more.

And most important of all, each part of your online professional profile should have you written all over it. We’re talking about the art and science of personal branding. Here’s a quick crash course on putting together your online presence or updating it for your new job hunt:

  • If you haven’t already, register on NORTHFORCE. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to connect with the regional professional community. Likewise, sign up on LinkedIn. Join our NF group when you do!
  • Create a Digital Portfolio. A digital collection of your work is the best, most transferable way to prove yourself as a professional. This can work across industries and is a way to highlight and share professional accomplishments. It can be as simple as a few writing samples from school, your previous job, or a personal project. If you don’t already have samples of your work with various companies, feature a few of your own projects that showcase your skills.
  • Build yourself a Personal Website. Sites like Weebly and Wix offer free and easy-to-use platforms. Keep it simple, but offer a biography, a resume, your portfolio with examples of your work, and contact information. Especially if you are in marketing, writing, technology, or any other field where demonstrating your work is important, take the time to build yourself a website. And then share it with your network!
  • Start blogging. You can add a blog to your website or share articles and comments through LinkedIn. Find others in your industry and comment on their blogs. Build relationships in your industry. Get involved with what is happening and know who the trendsetters are.
  • Clean up your online presence. Google yourself. Search through every photo on your Facebook and Instagram account. If you wouldn’t want it to be seen by employers, take it down.
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