Resources Roundup: Employee Hiring & Retention in 2022

The Northland’s talent development system is pulling together to assist employers who are struggling to hire during the severe, ongoing workforce shortages. There’s a ton of new information out there — here’s a roundup of what we’ve seen recently: 

You may already have some of these practices in place, while others could save you a lot of time, effort, and resources. 

Here are some highlights from the great tips to be found in the resources listed above, plus some extras straight from our team based on what we’ve been hearing from candidates:

  • Include wage and salary information on your job post. Also include details on benefits and other perks, such as company culture, flexible scheduling, and remote work options. Also be sure to clearly explain how employees can advance and earn more over time.
  • Remove any unnecessary qualifications and requirements from job listings — include only what’s absolutely necessary.
  • Share testimonials from employees explaining why they like working with your company. These stories can be powerful marketing tools — especially on social media.
  • Go out of your way to provide stellar communication at all stages of the hiring process, including:
    • As you set up interviews — The way a company treats someone during the hiring process says a lot about how they will be treated after they’re employed.
    • After you’ve made a hire — Follow up with candidates who didn’t make the cut. Don’t skip this step! These candidates could make great applicants the next time you’re hiring for this position or similar roles.

Here are a few more highlights from our full stack of employer resources

  • Direct candidates from outside our region to for info and resources to assist with relocation and getting to know the area.

For more assistance, contact our team! We’re here to help you hire in the Northland.

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