Spotlight on Success: Michael Latterell & Duluth’s Hartley Nature Center

Three questions with Michael Latterell, who was hired through NORTHFORCE at Hartley Nature Center.

Question 1: What’s the scoop and how is the gig going so far?

I was hired by Hartley Nature Center in December to manage their accounts. It’s going really well and I love the position. I’m able to work with a great team in a beautiful setting and make a real contribution to our community here in Duluth. 

Question 2: How did NORTHFORCE help you in the hiring process?

Hartley and I simply would not have connected if it wasn’t for the team at NORTHFORCE. They connected us. We didn’t even connect through a listing online. Those personal connections are often what makes the difference and NORTHFORCE took the extra step to make it happen. 

Question 3: How did this job help you stay #NorthByChoice? 

If I hadn’t found the position I would have likely been forced to move away since my previous industry doesn’t exist here in Northern Minnesota. NORTHFORCE allowed my children and I to enjoy the tremendous quality of life benefits Duluth has to offer without having to sacrifice opportunity. 

Congratulations, Michael and Hartley Nature Center! Find more NORTHFORCE success stories HERE.

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