Spotlight on Success: Spring Hill Farm in Duluth, MN

Siri Boyd would never have thought to seek out her new gig at Spring Hill Farm, but the moment she saw the job post, she knew it was right.

The Duluth-based full service equestrian facility hired on Siri as a stable hand through NORTHFORCE in late summer of 2018.

“This job is the most important one on the farm!” shares Spring Hill’s Leah Nelson. “They are the first to notice problems with the horses or the environment, adapt and make smart decisions. It’s a bonus if they are pleasant and friendly for riders to interact with, because communication is so important! Siri found us through NORTHFORCE, and she meets all these requirements and then some!”

The Spring Hill opening came as a welcome surprise to Siri Boyd, who moved to Duluth with her husband in the summer of 2017.

“We planned this move over two years, but I’ve had aspirations to live in Duluth since I was a kid,” shares Siri. “I’ve been coming here to visit family and enjoy the area since I was a baby, so it always felt like a second home.”

While her husband was able to keep his position with his company and work remotely, Siri left a job behind in South Dakota in order to make the move with no job leads lined up in Duluth. “As time wore on and I wasn’t finding work, stress built up,” notes Siri.

Following a tip from her cousin, she got in touch with NORTHFORCE. Soon after, she landed on the Spring Hill posting on the site.

“It was about as big a deviation from my past professional work experience as I could get,” says Siri. “I went to school for graphic design, and nearly all my work history was in that field. But I grew up around horses, and when I saw the job posting, something in my brain clicked. I wanted that job.”

As unexpected as it was, the opportunity turned out to be a great fit, both for Siri and Spring Hill.

NORTHFORCE helped me find the job I never expected to find in a field I never thought I’d work in,” says Siri. “But I love it. I love working with the horses, the people I work with are amazingly positive and supportive, and I get to be away from a desk.”

“It’s going great,” agrees Leah. “As it goes with horses, there have been a couple of unpredictable injuries and other events. Siri is always on top of everything and goes the extra mile to get things done the right way.”

“Without the variety of NORTHFORCE’s job offerings and well-organized search engine, I don’t know if I’d be where I am today,” says Siri. “I’m truly grateful to them as a resource, and I highly recommend using them to tackle the job hunt.”

“We are grateful for the tip from Krissy Johnson at NORTHFORCE,” adds Leah. “It was easy to post a listing and yielded great results. Next time we are hiring, I will definitely use NORTHFORCE again.”

Congratulations, Siri and Spring Hill Farm! Find more NORTHFORCE success stories HERE.

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