Spotlight on Success: Malvern Madondo, Facebook Intern

Malvern is an outstanding graduate of the Mentor Connection Class of 2017. He is also a member of the Facebook University for Engineering (FBU) Class of 2017!

“This past summer, I did a software engineering internship at Facebook,” explains Malvern. “The first three weeks of my internship consisted of learning iOS Mobile Development. The last five weeks involved working in a team with 2 other interns to build an app of our choice and finally present it to fellow interns, managers, and rest of the Facebook community.”

Before interning at Facebook, Malvern participated in Mentor Connection for the 2016-2017 program year. His mentor, Nate Alvar, is the Vice President of Product Engineering at Faulkner Media Group in Duluth.

“I utilized the networking skills I gained from Mentor Connection over the summer and my mentor, Nate Alvar, kept in touch and often advised me before and after my internship,” said Malvern. “He’s amazing!”

You can read more about Malvern’s awesome experience on his LinkedIn profile.

Learn more about Mentor Connection and find out how you can get involved here!

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