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You can view recordings of all past Student Connect sessions on YouTube:

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Watch Now: Student Connect Events Spring 2022

We are retaining talent locally by creating an environment where you are welcomed into our community and can develop genuine professional connections. We want to connect you with local professionals & organizations invested in our community, who are working to ensure talent is retained.

Student Connect, powered by NORTHFORCE, serves students across the entire NORTHFORCE region, partnering with higher education and eventually K-12 institutions.

Why Do You Want To Participate?

  1. Connected| Get to know your community and find rewarding local employment.
    • Meet with local companies looking to hire now and in the future
    • Explore opportunities to get involved
    • Find places to volunteer
  2. Curated| Enhance your education and career search with personalized services.
  3. Community| Plug into the Northland — stay #NorthByChoice!
    • Meet other students from across the region
    • Make connections with major area employers and leading professionals
    • Create & practice an elevator speech and start or enhance you LinkedIn profile
    • Discover all the region’s resources at

FREE for all students! We welcome all students seeking opportunities in the NORTHFORCE region.

This is a free program for students thanks to our founding partners and financial supporters!

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