Success Spotlight: Katie Johanson, MPR

Member and Audience Service Representative for Minnesota Public Radio Katie Johanson was hired on at MPR’s Duluth office in September of 2015.

“Before I was in the position I am now, I was working two part-time jobs and it was financially unrealistic for me to stay in Duluth,” explained Katie. “On my own, I was struggling to find meaningful job opportunities that would allow me to be financially stable. I was faced with the dilemma a lot of Millennials go through: get a third part-time job, or move back home. I absolutely love living in this area, and the thought of having to move home was dreadful.”

The tide turned when Katie signed up on northforce.orgĀ around the same time MPR’s newly opened position was posted on the site.

“I received a personal email from NORTHFORCE encouraging me to apply,” said Katie. Soon after, MPR called her to set up an interview. Two days after meeting with them, she had the job!

“Thanks to NORTHFORCE I was able to find a full-time job with an organization I love, in the area I love,” shared Katie.

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