Success Spotlight: Krissy Johnson

Meet Krissy Johnson, NORTHFORCE’s new Young Professional & Development Consultant!

With a background in Equine Science and Youth Ministry, Krissy is a truly dynamic member of the North By Choice ranks. She now joins the NORTHFORCE team to take the helm with our Mentor Connection program, regional internship coordination, and more.

“I am thrilled with my new position at NORTHFORCE,” says Krissy. “I have a passion for connecting people, entrepreneurial strategy, and economic development, so this is a great fit.”

After moving to the area from Chicago, Krissy had doubts about whether she would be able to find a regional position that would be right for her. “I have been commuting for the past year to work in the Twin Cities,” explains Krissy. “I was very skeptical that I would be able to find any career locally in Duluth that would challenge me to grow, make use of my passions for people, business, and creativity, and also pay a fair wage for my skill set.”

She signed up on NORTHFORCE and kept an eye to the Career Center and the job notifications she received by email. “My experience finding a job through NORTHFORCE was surprisingly simple,” notes Krissy. “Although I have been contacted by recruiters through larger websites, it was impersonal. And, sending out a resume to a large corporation without a contact or experience of their culture is not something I desired. With NORTHFORCE, I heard back from an actual person the same day!”

For Krissy, this position is a chance to not only stay in the region, but also to help it thrive. It also means an end to commuting to the Cities! “As the Young Professional and Development Consultant, I am able to invest in our local community and focus my attention on planting roots in Duluth,” says Krissy.

Welcome to the team, Krissy! We’re lucky to have you and your talents on board. To all NORTHFORCE users, and especially current and prospective mentors, mentees, internship providers, and interns — feel free to reach out at any time to Krissy for information and guidance. She can be contacted at

This is the first in a series of success stories about individuals who have managed to find their calling in the Northland through NORTHFORCE. Stay tuned for future installments! Your own success story could be next. Contact us to share your NORTHFORCE story!

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