Success Spotlight: Stephany Medina, Essentia Health

Graduate of the Mentor Connection¬†class of ’18, Stephany Medina, went straight from her mentorship to an internship at Essentia Health in Duluth, MN.

“I was actually planning on moving down towards the Twin Cities and looking for a job there,” says Stephany.

But when her mentorship concluded, her mentor Emily Anderson, Community Health Program Manager at Essentia Health, offered Stephany an internship to assist with the upcoming Community Health Needs Assessment.

“My mentor and I clicked well,” shares Stephany. “The best thing I was able to gain from Mentor Connection was the ability to network with professionals in the field. Emily was able to connect me with so many people that definitely created more opportunities and helped me to continue building my resume.”

In February, Stephany will begin a new position she has accepted with the St. Louis Public Health Department. Congratulations, Stephany!

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