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The Benefits & Basics of Starting an Internship Program

Posted by Administrator on August 6, 2018

Could an internship program be your hiring solution? Hiring an intern can be a great, low-pressure way to fast-track candidates into positions that you need to fill.  To get an idea of all the benefits an internship program can bring, take a glance over these highlights: Streamline your hiring process. Think of an internship program […]

Can You Redirect Your Career With An Elevator Pitch?

Posted by Administrator on July 24, 2018

What is an elevator pitch? Just what it sounds like! Picture this: You get into an elevator. Someone else gets into the elevator. The other person asks what you do. Even if you’re in an extremely tall building, you’ve got about 10 seconds to answer before politely asking the other person what they do. So […]

SciTechsperience: A Local Funding Option for Internships

Posted by Administrator on May 16, 2017

The Northland is full of college students who would like to pursue internships and organizations that would like to create internship programs. One of the main obstacles both groups face is a lack of funding and financial support. SciTechsperience exists to fill that need. Available to students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines, SciTechsperience is a […]

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