Taking Care of Business in Grand Rapids

The business community connected at Timberlake Lodge during the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce’s free networking event on September 30.

Despite precautions taken in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce’s evening networking event was a big hit.

“It was definitely a quality over quantity type of event due to COVID,” shared Desiree Yourczek, NORTHFORCE’s Greater Northeast Minnesota Strategy & Development Consultant, who was on hand to represent NORTHFORCE and inform regional candidates and employers about the services and resources that NORTHFORCE offers.

Desiree appreciated the chance to network with members of the public who attended the event, along with over 18 individuals from booths which represented a cross section of different organizations from the Grand Rapids area business community.

The NORTHFORCE booth featured a prize drawing. The 31 entrants stood a chance of winning a $50 gift certificate to Rapids Brewing. The Grand Rapids-based craft brewery recently reopened following a closure after a chimney fire spread to the ceiling.

As of now, the Rapids Brewing kitchen is still closed, but the brewery is back in business for this Oktoberfest thanks to the rapid response of local fire departments and community support. For delicious beverages that celebrate the spirit of the north, be sure to stop by their location and check them out this autumn!

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