The Benefits & Basics of Starting An Internship Program

Could an internship program be your hiring solution?

Hiring an intern can be a great, low-pressure way to fast-track candidates into positions that you need to fill. 

To get an idea of all the benefits an internship program can bring, take a glance over these highlights:

  • Streamline your hiring process. Think of an internship program as a year-around recruiting tool. It sets up a direct pipeline for future full-time employees who will already have training specific to your company.
  • Gain new perspective. Interns can challenge entrenched mentalities and bring fresh new ideas. Interns may also be good at questioning processes and can often see a new or better way of doing things that even a longtime manager may not.
  • Enhance your PR. Interns who have a positive experience are perfectly positioned to spread the word about your business with teachers, other students, and young professionals in the Northland.

In addition, here are three important three reasons why you shouldn’t hire an intern:

  • You need “free labor.” An intern isn’t a low-cost employee. Be sure to check the legal definition of an internship from the Department of Labor.
  • You’re overworked. Internships require guidance and supervision. If you don’t have time to provide that, then the internship likely won’t be a success.
  • You don’t have clear goals for the internship. Have concrete plans and expectations in place before the internship begins. Make sure goals are measurable and communicate them clearly.

Want to set up an internship program? Reach out! We can help every step of the way, from creating the position to advertising it, whether locally or across the entire United States.

If you’ve already got a gig in mind, post an internship!

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