War for Talent: Latest Notes from the Frontlines

Henry Jackson, CEO and President of the Society for Human Resource Management, starts his recent article off by stating wryly, “There’s a popular saying in some HR circles today: ‘The “war for talent” is over—and talent won.'”

From the employer perspective, Jackson writes, talent is hard to find, especially for difficult-to-fill positions with complicated qualifications. This is the case in spite of advancements in technology and economic upswings.

“It should now be clear to everyone,” says Jackson, “that, whether we’re in good economic times or bad, in a period of stability or disruption, the skills shortage is an ever-present challenge.”

Employers and workforce agencies are addressing these challenges in a number of ways, including:

  • Creatively sourcing talent wherever it can be found

  • Engaging and developing the talent that is on hand

  • Building a future pipeline of talent

  • Introducing internships, apprenticeships, and other programs to bring in and build new skills that address the company’s immediate needs

  • Partnering with local high schools, colleges, workforce development boards, and nonprofits to ensure that the right skills are being taught at the right time

At NORTHFORCE, we see a vast amount of opportunity — and also a vast amount of talent ready to fill it! We don’t just see the “war for talent” as a challenge. Instead, we view it as an opportunity with tremendous potential for professional networking.

As Jackson concludes, “Winning at talent today means taking an end-to-end approach to finding, developing and engaging our workforces. It’s a mindset that shifts us from fighting a ‘war’ for the best and brightest to investing for the long term.” Read the whole article here.

Explore our site to find out more about local job matching, as well as internship and mentorship opportunities. Reach out to us and find out more about regional initiatives connecting talent with opportunity.

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