WDIO: Employment a Top Community Concern

Employment is a top community concern according to a recent report by WDIO. A March 29 article highlighted workforce shortages along with connected issues including availability of housing and child care.

“According to the website NORTHFORCE, there are hundreds of jobs available in the Twin Ports area,” stated the article. “Even with opportunities available, there are still areas that need continuous availability for current and future residents to stay and plant roots.”

“To fill these jobs, we need people,” said NORTHFORCE’s Strategy and Development Consultant Ali Bilden Camps in a quote for the article. “Factors such as the low availability of affordable housing and child care continue to be a barrier for individuals and families wanting to move into the area and fill the open positions that are currently available. Just as importantly, we need to continue to work to develop inclusive, diverse communities that are warm and welcoming to all.”

You can read the full WDIO report here: Community Concern: What’s Your State of the City?

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